March 13, 2010


  I just finished watching Sex and The City: The Movie for the umpteenth time and every time Carrie walks into her newly remodeled closet my heart begins to race. I just LOVE that closet!
     Now, I really don’t need a closet quite this large, but it’s more than just the size that makes this a closet to die for – it's the great lighting throughout the entire closet (so you can actually see if those slacks you're about to put on are black or navy), the glass doors (so you don’t end up putting on a jacket you haven’t worn for a year, only to find that the shoulders are embedded in dust), the drawers (wouldn't it be nice to have your underwear so handy?) and the use of hard surface flooring instead of the typical carpeting (I guess this is just a personal preference).
     The one feature of Carrie’s closet that I’m not crazy about is the style of the shoe rack. I don’t know about you, but I find that shoes tend to slip off from this type of shoe rack. I’d opt for shelving instead.
Tim Clarke Interior Design
     Carrie's closet is missing a couple of important features -  like seating and a full length mirror -  but those are easily remedied.
 Below are a few more inspirational closets.

Closet design by architect Edward R. Niles

I added the next photo just for the fun of it.  It's a little outrageous, but so is its owner. Only Elton John would have a need for a closet like this. 

  Courtesy of Architectural Digest
Interior design by Monique Gibson.

     Obviously all of these closets were a bit pricey to have designed and built.  I too have designed custom closets as part of major home remodels and it was not inexpensive for my clients.  But they did end up with very nice closets!
     Let's face it, not all of us have the checkbooks of  Mr. Big or Elton John. For those individuals who don’t have that type of a budget, it often makes more sense to hire a closet design company such as Closets by Design or  Closet World.  I'm not suggesting that working with a closet design company will be cheap, but it will definitely be worth the investment.

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