March 8, 2010


     OK, so maybe I'm a bit spoiled living in what is normally sunny San Diego, but I am so over this cold, wet and windy weather that Mother Nature has inflicted upon Southern California all winter.  Yes, I know we are in dire need of rain, but I could sure use a few warm and sunny days interspersed here and there - I'm desperate to get outside and plant my spring flowers!  So, I've been thinking, since the warmth of spring appears to be delayed for a few more weeks, why not find ways to kick it into gear a little early within our indoor environments.
     On a recent trip to Portland, Maine (where the temperatures were in the low 30's) I happened upon a wonderful furnishings store called Company C.  Just stepping through their door made me feel like spring had arrived and I was standing in the middle of an exquisite flower garden at the peak of the season.  They have the most wonderful collections of rugs, furniture, bedding, accessories and fabrics in vivid colors guaranteed to warm you up and make you smile.  With their wide selection it would be easy to plant a few blooms throughout your home, all without even getting your hands dirty.

Above: Company C bedding, pillows and area rug.  Below: Company C 'April Blooms' area rug.

Above: Company C  'Rockport' ottoman and assorted pillows
          The bad news is that they only have retail stores in Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  But the good news is they have a great online store at  Happy gardening!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for info on the website. Love their stuff!